Description: Photos of babies and children only and one optional family photo.
(There is a big difference between a family vs child portrait session: More time is available to focus on the child (including siblings) to get beautiful creative portraits of them. I have the time to make use of props, use more set-ups in nature, kids can wear up to 3 different outfits and the choice of location is different vs what can be used for a family shoot with adults)
Details: Your choice of outdoor or studio (my studio is in Somerset West)
Outdoor: I have a number of preferred locations that compliment my style of work.
Styling: I offer styling advice as to which outfits to choose to get the best look for your photoshoot.
Session Time: 45 - 60 Minutes
Indoor Session Timing: Should be scheduled at the time of day when kids are as well rested as possible and with a full tummy. 
Outdoor Session Timing: Takes place approximately 1 hour before sunset to capture that beautiful golden soft light.